Butterflies flutter by in February 2024 at the Naturospace!
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Our tropical glasshouse in Honfleur is reopening its doors on February 3, 2024! Birds and butterflies are all present so you may spend an exotic holiday in our Amazonian rainforest here in Normandy.

At the Naturospace, nature cannot stop expanding! After a month of January spent pruning and looking after rare species, it is now time to consider welcoming the public for the February holidays. While our team is ready for the reopening, the stars of the Naturospace are this year again all present! More than 1500 tropical butterflies have arrived these last few days in the form of chrysalides, originating from Ecuador or even the Philippines.

Our heliconius sports multifarious colours!

Heliconius butterfly in Naturospace Honfleur Normandy Many butterflies have started to fly under the eye of the public, others emerge live in our hatchery, a proper nursery… A magical moment! Among our many species, Heliconii are one of our favourites, outstanding little butterflies with their elongated wings adorned with various colours: blue, red, yellow, white, orange, sometimes lined with black… Highly noticeable in the Amazon rainforest, it is now your turn to recognise them in Honfleur!

Be nice to Perla!

Among our many rare bird species, we here present Perla, a female, African-native Fischer’s Turaco (Tauraco fischeri) who is gradually getting her bearings in our premises after initially spending her life in a small cage. Perla is gradually gaining muscle and we rely on our empathetic and kind public to show her respect and encourage her. male superb fruit doves (Ptilinopus superbus) in Naturospace Honfleur Normandy During your visit, look up and try to spot 2 young male superb fruit doves (Ptilinopus superbus) who were born thanks to our bird couple originating from New Guinea and who are uncommon in French zoological gardens. The ambient temperature of 24°C is as pleasant for our visitors on foot as it is for our birds and butterflies. The Naturospace in Honfleur is an ideal destination during these chilly spells.

Opening hours of the Naturospace in Honfleur during February-March 2024

Being open continuously from 9.30 a.m./4.30 p.m. enables you to make the most of the natural light our butterflies need to conduct their multicoloured ballets.